I am a Freelance Photographer based in Winnipeg Manitoba, specializing in landscapes and events. An alumnus of Providence University College in Otterburne, I studied Communications & Media and Sociology while documenting campus life. This faith-based journey has helped shape my thoughts on culture, through the duality of practical and theoretical views.

Also a Videographer, I produced a number of short films as well as Providence's campus news The MNNO for two years. Now with more equipment and a fresh canvas ahead, I am excited to continue creating for others. This is what led me to partner with Prairie Boy Productions and Bread We Break, in utilizing my skill set to help further their vision.

I stand at a crossroads between interests in epistemology and visual representation, where knowledge collides with creative expression. Fortunately, my work was featured in the all-positive publication Lionface: The Sentient, which strived to help people know better, feel better, and live better. This is my desire for you as well.

I want to be a voice in media, advocating for contemplation and betterment.

I can show the goings-on.



"The relationship between humans and landscape is that of the world which looks at the world." - Sarah Hill

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